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Tom Siegel is our principal analyst. Tom has more than 15 years of experience in market analysis and real estate valuation.  Through the valuation of numerous properties in all property sectors, Tom has developed a solid experience level and understanding of Maine markets as well as the forces of supply and demand that drive real estate markets.


In addition to valuation work, Tom has served on the Vernal Pool Committee as the appraisal advisor given the decision of the committee to implement an appraisal based fee. Through this work, Tom has gained experience in municipal interests and process.


Tom has also worked as a consultant in the development community. Through this work and other consulting activities, Tom has gained experience and understanding of the development process relating to the feasibility and demand, navigating the TIF process and tax credit opportunities and a full understanding of the construction process.


Tom Siegel


Carol joined Core Market Solutions in January of 2018 as its research assistant. Carol is essentially our "core", offering support to each appraiser as well as the evaluation report specialist. Prior to that, she worked in the RSU5 school system and as a Diabetes Care Specialist in the pharmaceutical industry.

Research Assistant

Carol Hafford


Kate Roux began her appraisal career in 2014. She obtained a degree from Southern New Hampshire University in 2018 and will complete her training as a Certified General Appraiser in 2019. Kate is a Practicing Affiliate with The Appraisal Institute and is committed to continued education within the appraisal field. In her free time, Kate enjoys live music, gardening and enjoying outdoor activities with her husband, daughter and dog (Tulsa).

Appraiser Trainee

Kate Roux


Practicing Affiliate of The Appraisal Institute, McKinley has been with Core Market Soultions since 2016. McKinley has experience valuing a wide variety of different property types within the Maine market and looks forward to expanding her experience into future markets.

Appraiser Trainee

McKinley Donahue


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Evaluation Report Specialist

Dan Kimball

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